Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I didn't quite keep up with the April's A to Z challenge on my blog...
but let me tell you in real life, I've been through the alphabet a few times over!!

A is for annoyed

B is for bitchy
C is for confined and court date (which I have for my son this Thursday!!)
D is for depression.
E is for exhausted.
F is for falling apart
G is for guarded
H is for heartbroken

I is for idiotic and inmate (as my son is in jail!!)
J is for jeopardized
K is for kaput
L is for left out
M is for making sense (or at least I'm trying to!!!)
N is for nervous
O is for oppressed

P is for pain-filled
Q is for qualms (and oh how many I have!!)
R is for run ragged
S is for side-tracked
T is for temerity
U is for ultra-critical

V is for vague
W is for walked on
X is for 'x' as in the unknown, the variable, a mystery.
Y is for yearning
Z is for zilch

(since all of those are pretty negative...but reflect me well right now....and my goal for the month was to be more positive...I'm going to write a new list of what I'd like my alphabet to look like....)

and again

A is for adored
B is for believed in

C is for calm
D is for dancing in the rain
E is for ecstatic and encouraged
F is for fantastic family
G is for gainful
H is for happy

I is for idealist
J is for juncture (turning point)
K is for kindness
L is for listened to (by all my kids!!)
M is for meditation
N is for negotiator

O is for obedient (as I wish all my children were!!)
P is for proud and paid (I need a job!!)
Q is for quiet
R is for respected. I seem to have lost all respect from everyone buy my six year old.
S is for satisfied
T is for tender and thoughtful

U is for united and unified
V is for versatile
W is for wholehearted
X is for a good eXample
Y is for youthful
Z is for zealous

and again....
Just kidding, I won't make you suffer through another round :)



Monday, April 18, 2011

Flex-Stick Review....Helping me walk better one step at a time........ :)


"The 'FLEX-STICK', byRANjAM, LLC is the exciting new three legged, revolutionary walking cane. Comfort and control are provided as spring-loaded legs cushion the hand while maintaining contact with the ground as the 'FLEX-STICK' tilts with normal walking.  Replaces quad canes & single point canes."

"With the 'FLEX-STICK', some of the most uneven surfaces are made much easier to negotiate as the legs compensate and the springs act as shock absorbers, moving up and down to level out the ride, much the same way as an automobile handles bumps and pot holes." 

This is NOT a cane.  It's a ''FLEX-STICK!

The gorgeous blue one in the middle is the one that RANjAM so generously sent me :)

walking cane flex-stick

Don't you just love the design???  
I do!!!

I have gotten so many compliments just on the design,
and then they will start looking at the actual Flex-Stick itself 
and noticing that this isn't your everyday cane that you see people
walking with. This Flex-Stick is absolutely amazing.

The first time I took it to my Doctor appointment with me,
my Dr. immediately noticed the design and asked me to check it out.
He was very interested in the spring-loaded legs,
knowing that with my Sciatica and crushed tail-bone, that this is 
probably exactly what I need.

I left him all the information and he even put the brochures that I had 
brought with me up in his office for his patients to see.

Pretty much the same thing happened at my Physical Therapist's office.
She was amazed at the design and when I showed her how it works,
that when I put my bad leg down, I put the Flex-Stick down
at the exact same time on the other side and it
practically does all the work for me.

The Flex-Stick is amazing when you are walking on uneven surfaces.
Because of the spring-loaded legs, one or two or however many are needed will
actually go down only as far as needed to make me still walk level.

I love it, but more importantly.....so does my back :)

I almost forgot to add that the Flex-Stick comes with a 
built in flashlight. It's right at hand level so you can easily turn it 
on and off when needed. It comes in so handy when walking
at night, or when looking for the door locks!!

Check out this video....


The 'FLEX-STICK' comes in two (2) adjustable sizes
'standard' - 31.5" to 38.5" (80 cm to 98 cm) approximate heights from 4'10" to 6'2".
'tall' - 33" to 42" (84 cm to 107 cm) approximate heights from 5'5" to 6'6"
They can also do 'custom short' - 2" (5cm) shorter & 'custom tall' 2" (5cm) longer.

 Contact them for quote.

Click here to order!!!

You won't be sorry.

And believe me...
you will NEVER use a cane again!!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Blog Awards....

"B" is for Blog awards..

I got an award.....and....


Diedre over at 'A Storybook World' gave me the

and I LOVE IT!!!!

But more than loving it, I appreciate it! 
I want to take the time to thank Diedre Eden Coppel.

 I also want to let you know where you can find her....

Her Facebook is here.
& her websites:


When I first took up blogging, I started my review/giveaway blog, and couldn't believe how fast it took off and I still can't believe how well it is doing. There isn't a day that goes by (well not very many of them, anyways!!) that I don't get a visit from UPS, FedEx, and have a completely overflowing mailbox thanks to that blog. AND... I also have a post office box, that comes fully loaded many a day with their yellow post cards that kindly tell me that I have packages behind the counter that are too large to fit in my tiny box :)  I have two closets that are so full of things that I have received free to review, and that is after giving many things away as gifts. I am very thankful for these things, as they have came in very handy as a struggling single mother. Being a complete book freak and absolutely loving to read, it has been an absolute Godsend that I receive about 5 books a week in the mail (at the very least), and that just so happens to be what I read each week :)

The reason I started this personal blog is because I realized that I liked blogging about other things that were of interest to me. Things that felt close to my heart, things that I happened to be thinking about at that specific time. I didn't ONLY want to blog about reviews and giveaways, and I had started mixing the two together. I don't really think that I lost any followers as far as people removing themselves physically, but I noticed that not as many people were joining my giveaways, so I think that they were probably taking themselves off of my email subscription lists because I was blogging about the personal things.

I have no problem with that, because I know that some people are out there to win things and that is fine with me. Some days I get on the computer just to win things too, but most days, I get on here for real life, and that's when I check in with you all. Maybe I leave comments and maybe I don't. But you can be sure that I'm checking in with your blogs. I know you're when you're all moved into your new houses, I know when your son just had his birthday. I know when you got your new poetry printed in an awesome magazine. I know when that important stuff happens. The stuff that matters to you, matters to me. And I know that you are also reading my blog, and that what matters to me, matters to you. That is what I like about this blog....the comments that I get back from my followers.

Thanks to each and every one of you!!!

And again, a special thanks to Diedre for the

'Creative Blog Award'

which by the way....

she makes all her own awards!!!!

Gorgeous, isn't it???

Have a wonderful day!!

And don't forget to check out

and the other awards she handed out.

You might find a whole handful of new favorite blogs :)


Saturday, April 2, 2011

April's A - Z Challenge off to a late start!! Here is my "A".....

"A" is for ATTITUDE !!

Because I need a new one :)

I am going to try and start my month (and end it) with a positive attitude.
I know I have been really depressed and have been sharing those things in my blog,
and truthfully I'm sure that sometimes I still might !!

But...I am feeling assured that the anti-depressants the Dr. wrote me when my son 
ran away are working. ( It's going on five weeks he has been gone now!! ) 

Attitude is basically your state of mind.

OK, so basically what I'm going to do is list a few things on the left that I know about attitude and then follow them up with what I plan to do about them, or think I should work on.


mood - I am going to try to be in a good mood for my younger boys every morning when they wake up and every day when they get home from school...and while I'm at it, I might as well just stay in a good mood all day while they are gone and then the rest of the night as well, don't you think??

opinion - I am going to try to work on keeping my opinion to myself unless someone specifically asks me for it.

ideas - I am going to continue trying to come up with  ideas on how I want the house decorated. So far I only have the living-room and the bathroom done, and I have been here since September. I have some ideas for the boys' rooms possibly??? That should give me something to do and fall back on when I start to get to feeling to down in the dumps again.

perspectives - I know that I need to keep a positive outlook on life, even while dealing with the everyday stresses and the bigger things that I have going on in my life. I mean after all, it could always be worse. There are people out there whose kids are not only run away, but dead, and those that don't only have seven ailments and live with chronic pain every day, but they are dying. It can always be worse. I shall be thankful for what I do have.

beliefs - I am going to try and remember to be open to each different persons beliefs that I come across. I know that they may not be the same as mine, but that does not mean that I have any reason to not be just as nice to them as I would be to any other person. I only wish that more people were this way.

reactions - This one will mainly be with my kids, but I will need to work on how I react to what they say and do. I currently act or talk to fast, instead of staying calm. listening and thoroughly thinking the whole situation through before I decide how I want to go about handling it.

emotions - I am going to try and stay on top of my emotions, this past week of finally grieving my mothers death of eight years and grandfathers murder of six years ago has been very healing on me. Forgiving my sister is something I never thought I would do and doing that five days ago was a very big step in my healing process. I think that this is going to be a big factor in helping to keep my emotions in check.

temper - I will be trying to keep my temper under control. This won't be hard for me. I would say that this used to be an issue but with everything that I have going on and everything that I am currently working with, that this isn't going to be the one that will be the hardest or anywhere near it.

approach - Ahh, I saved the best for last....how will I approach this all?? I will simply take it one day at a time, one step at a time, one minute at a time, because that right now is all that I can handle.


Have a great day....
I've got to get my "B" posted, because I am running "B"hind :(


Friday, April 1, 2011

Fill me in Friday :)


Friday Fill-Ins


And...here we go! 

1. I can't believe another week has come and gone.

2. Peace and love for everyone.

3. How can I find my son and keep him home???

4. Eggs, bacon, and toast was the last thing I cooked. 

5. Six of one and half dozen of another.

6. Please mom, please; nonono!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to some peace and quiet
tomorrow my plans include the whole family coming over plus my daughters boyfriend
 and his son and his brother for a sleepover and steak dinner, plus game night
(we had to cancel on Wednesday!!) and Sunday, she is going to cook all of us a 
HUGE ham dinner :) I can't wait for this weekend!!! 

Big Smile

I hope that everyone else enjoys their weekend as well!!

I also hope that everyone will join in
on the Friday Fill-Ins