Saturday, April 2, 2011

April's A - Z Challenge off to a late start!! Here is my "A".....

"A" is for ATTITUDE !!

Because I need a new one :)

I am going to try and start my month (and end it) with a positive attitude.
I know I have been really depressed and have been sharing those things in my blog,
and truthfully I'm sure that sometimes I still might !!

But...I am feeling assured that the anti-depressants the Dr. wrote me when my son 
ran away are working. ( It's going on five weeks he has been gone now!! ) 

Attitude is basically your state of mind.

OK, so basically what I'm going to do is list a few things on the left that I know about attitude and then follow them up with what I plan to do about them, or think I should work on.


mood - I am going to try to be in a good mood for my younger boys every morning when they wake up and every day when they get home from school...and while I'm at it, I might as well just stay in a good mood all day while they are gone and then the rest of the night as well, don't you think??

opinion - I am going to try to work on keeping my opinion to myself unless someone specifically asks me for it.

ideas - I am going to continue trying to come up with  ideas on how I want the house decorated. So far I only have the living-room and the bathroom done, and I have been here since September. I have some ideas for the boys' rooms possibly??? That should give me something to do and fall back on when I start to get to feeling to down in the dumps again.

perspectives - I know that I need to keep a positive outlook on life, even while dealing with the everyday stresses and the bigger things that I have going on in my life. I mean after all, it could always be worse. There are people out there whose kids are not only run away, but dead, and those that don't only have seven ailments and live with chronic pain every day, but they are dying. It can always be worse. I shall be thankful for what I do have.

beliefs - I am going to try and remember to be open to each different persons beliefs that I come across. I know that they may not be the same as mine, but that does not mean that I have any reason to not be just as nice to them as I would be to any other person. I only wish that more people were this way.

reactions - This one will mainly be with my kids, but I will need to work on how I react to what they say and do. I currently act or talk to fast, instead of staying calm. listening and thoroughly thinking the whole situation through before I decide how I want to go about handling it.

emotions - I am going to try and stay on top of my emotions, this past week of finally grieving my mothers death of eight years and grandfathers murder of six years ago has been very healing on me. Forgiving my sister is something I never thought I would do and doing that five days ago was a very big step in my healing process. I think that this is going to be a big factor in helping to keep my emotions in check.

temper - I will be trying to keep my temper under control. This won't be hard for me. I would say that this used to be an issue but with everything that I have going on and everything that I am currently working with, that this isn't going to be the one that will be the hardest or anywhere near it.

approach - Ahh, I saved the best for will I approach this all?? I will simply take it one day at a time, one step at a time, one minute at a time, because that right now is all that I can handle.


Have a great day....
I've got to get my "B" posted, because I am running "B"hind :(



  1. Hello :) Attitude is something internal and not to show off, isn' it?
    Nice one.. :) I liked the idea of showing off one's perspective on Attitude :)
    Take care

    P.S care to comment on my blog too?
    Thanks again

  2. Great post - attitude is something that really is a choice you have. But sometimes it can be hard to remember that.

  3. Hey Steph ~~ great first post !! And I agree that attitude is a choice ~~ but sometimes life throws you some heavy curve balls that instance it becomes really difficult to keep the positive attitude !! Hang in there !!


  4. Wow, you have taken on a difficult task, I wish you the best of luck. I know my attitude could use some help, but I think it's one of those things you want to change, and right now I'm okay with my negative attitude. Maybe I'll look to you when I'm ready to make a change.

  5. Good on you, it's a big challenge when things are not great to maintain a positive attitude.

  6. Good for you and good luck with this challenge and every other one you face.

  7. Attitude is everything! looking forward to the rest of you A to Z posts.

  8. Hi, Hoping you continue with a good attitude; it really helps in daily life. God bless you!

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